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12 Lateral Movement Exercises

12 movement exercises to move sideways. Excellent for full body strength, mobility and athleticism! 


ere is a new addition to our movement drill and animal movement compilations. This time we are doing lateral movements.

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These are just demonstrations of the many interesting movement exercises. To get access to the step-by-step tutorials and the entire library of movement drills, check out Movement 20XX.

The drills demonstrated in the video and animal movements in general​ are amazing for full body strength, mobility, agility, body control, coordination and spacial awareness.

Movement drills offer a great foundation for almost anything you do. You will hit the body from so many angles and positions that even the smallest muscles that are easy to​ miss, get strengthened to a high level. 

Training movement will promote overall fitness and great-looking and impressive core musculature. You will twist and rotate a lot which means the rotational strength of the hips and abs/obliques will get incredibly strong.

It's no wonder movement drills have been part of NFL Football players for decades and recently many MMA fighters from Conor McGregor to Dominick Cruz and Michael "Venom" Page have started to implement tons of movement to their training.

Some of the drills in the video are quite easy, but many demand a high level of strength and mobility from everywhere in the body. They will also develop these attributes very effectively.

12 Lateral Movement Drills 

  1. Crustacean Crawl: A demanding crawl that will develop an immense amount of strength in the triceps, shoulders and chest while also emphasizing the abs and obliques.
  2. Lateral Lizard Crawl: This is one of the many advanced lizard crawls. There are 10 progressions to master the lizard crawl in Movement 20XX.
  3. Bear Crawl: The favorite movement drill of football players. This time we are moving sideways, which is increasingly difficult!
  4. Lateral Bunny Hop: Develop explosive strength and mobility in the lower body. Lateral leg movements emphasize the adductors and abductors of the legs.
  5. Lateral Crab Walk: Works very hard your triceps, shoulders and core!
  6. Lateral Handstand Walk: Moving sideways in the handstand is one of the toughest ways to move. 
  7. Low Side Spin: A fast and safe way to move sideways. Very popular movement in Capoeira.
  8. Headstand Spin: A spectacular way to move. 
  9. Cartwheel: Just the basic cartwheel done right is a beautiful movement.
  10. Side Hopping Monkey: Fast monkey movement to hop sideways and develop shoulders and body control in the process.
  11. Side Bridge Walk: The bridge is a superb exercise to develop strength and mobility in the shoulders and thoracic area. Move sideways and it will be twice as hard!
  12. Lateral Bridge Turn: A real test for your lower back, middle back and upper back mobility.

Like said before, many of these exercises are far from easy. The difficult nature of the movements will just produce better gains everywhere whether it's strength, mobility or athleticism.

Many think these are just for show and are easy to perform, until they actually try them! It takes years to master these, but once you do, you are capable of doing pretty much anything inside and outside of the gym.

Train hard, stay safe.