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20 Best Ways to Lunge

20 different ways to lunge! Lunge is a versatile exercise that can be altered to target different parts of the legs. 


omen tend to train their legs very versatilely and it shows in their results: lots of women have amazing leg and hip development.

It's men who tend to be very simple-minded about their leg training. Athletes and bodybuilders target their legs with many different exercises, but everyone else is barely training their legs enough.

In many circles it's common to see people doing only 2 exercises for their legs: squats and deadlifts. Although these two are excellent exercises, they train the legs only in two simple movement patterns and many leg muscles are left untouched or poorly trained.

Your hips can internally & externally rotate, they can (transverse) abduct & adduct​ and flex & extend. To train all parts of the legs, you need to train all functions of the legs.

The key to amazing leg development and athleticism is learning how to train all parts of the legs. If you do sports or martial arts, you quickly realize that it's hard to be athletic and effective without strong legs. Your punching power means nothing if you can't move fast enough to hit your opponent.

Leg training is very versatile and thorough in Movement 20XX course, but anyone can significantly increase their leg power by just incorporating a couple of new exercises to their repertoire. 

Incorporating different types of lunges is a great way to improve your leg workouts. Many people think their legs are strong, but they can't even hold the bottom lunge position for 30 seconds without starting to shake!

Conventional lunge will primarily target the quads, hamstrings and glutes, but by altering the lunge just a little bit can significantly change the involvement of the muscles.​

Here are some good examples:

  • ​When your leg crosses behind (curtsy lunge) you will target the gluteus medius.
  • When you do a lunge where you step forward and then back, you will primarily train the quads.
  • Stationary lunge often trains more the hamstrings and glutes.
  • Kicking or bringing your knee up will train the hip flexors of the front leg.

Combine different types of lunges with squats (like different front squat variations) and single leg deadlifts, and your leg training has already made a massive improvement.

Train hard, stay safe.​