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4 Home Gym Essentials for Best Results

4 best pieces of equipment to have at home to maximize your results. These tools will allow you to get a full body workout.


ome is a great place to start training or do all of your workouts in. Especially in the beginning home offers a relaxed place to get started.

Commercial gyms offer great tools and are awesome, but you can also get phenomenal results by training at home. If you want to do heavy lifting, that's when a commercial gym is a must.

A great deal of our training is done at home: whether the focus is on strength, mobility or flexibility. Movement can also be trained at home, you just need to be aware of your surroundings.

4 Best Training Equipments for Home

Weighted Vest

Adjustable weighted vest for bodyweight training

Weighted vest allows you to significantly increase the difficulty of any bodyweight exercise: pull ups, push ups, squats and even animal movements.

​Adjustable weighted vest is the best and that's the one you want to get.

For pull ups you don't necessarily need much additional weight, but for squats the heaviest 50-75 lbs (25-35 kg) vests are useful.

We have several workouts with a weighted vest:

Weighted vest is a great way to progress with bodyweight exercises, but don't dismiss the value of harder bodyweight progressions.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are one of the best tools to have. Not only can you train your entire body with them, but they are one of the best tools for countless of different mobility drills.

You can do these mobility drills with adjustable dumbbells:​

The dumbbells are affordable and should be available in any city in big supermarkets or fitness stores. You can also order them online. 

Gymnastic Rings & Pull Up Bar

what is a false-grip?

To get a full body workout, you also need to do pulling exercises to balance all the pushing work that you do.

Pull up bar is the best home workout tool because it allows you to do the best pulling exercise known to man: pull ups. 

​The only problem with the pull up bar is that it limits your selection of pulling exercises mostly to just pull ups. 

​This is why gymnastic rings are particularly important: you can do inverted rows with them. Inverted rows are horizontal pulls which will hit your back muscles very differently compared to pull ups.

Rings also allow you to do push ups, dips and many other exercises. Moreover, even the basic exercises like push ups and dips are significantly harder and more effective with rings.​

Train hard, stay safe.​