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Anomalous Movement Flow

Atypical movement flow with interesting movement sequences. Connect with your feelings and let it all come out!


hen it comes to typical exercises, your form and quality of your repetitions count the most. When you do a squat, every repetition should count and be as perfect as possible.

In movement, especially in flow, the whole thing is upside-down - the form isn't what counts the most. You should aim to do movements in a safe manner (within your limits), but otherwise your movement can be as fluid as possible.

The less rigid you are, the better you can flow and move. Many movements have some rules, but they aren't strict and you have the freedom to make any movement look like you.

In this anomalous movement flow there isn't many overly complex movements or moves that require high levels of strength. Yet, moving like this can be a hard thing to do.

Base levels of strength, mobility and coordination are needed to move well, but after a while they just become "extras" which give you more tools to express yourself.

In the previous spirited movement flow we talked about how to build a good foundation and discussed other benefits of movement training:

The best results are created when you combine big movements (compound exercises, sports, martial arts or movement) with very precise mobility training (like strengthening the rotator cuff). 

This is exactly how Movement 20XX is structured: half of the program consists of movement skills and flow routines, while the other half is all about specific strengthening exercises and mobility drills.​

Once you handle the basics, moving well is more about your inner freedom and connecting with the childlike spirit. When you got the right attitude, any movements no matter how simple can be turned into awe-inspiring sequences.

How can you reach this formless freedom of movement? 

You master the basics and start by taking small steps. Everyone who is good now, started from the beginning and gradually worked their way up.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and overcoming yourself are the keys to opening up your body and mind. Courage and trying out new things are the pathways to freedom.

Train hard, stay safe.​