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Artistic Movement Flow

Artistic movement flow. What are the benefits of movement flow? What is the purpose of flow?


ovement flow can be many different things. It can be both artistic and functional depending on how you want to use it.

The purpose of free movement flow is to just flow and express yourself.  It's art and the primary purpose is to flow in the moment. 

It is however a lot about exploration, self-discovery and expressing yourself. It's about exploring different movement patterns and letting the movement of your body synchronize with the feeling of the body.

You will practice giving up control. You practice letting go and being present in the moment. You forget the past and future and focus solely in the present.

In the process you will learn what you are capable of, relieve stress and discover your strengths and weaknesses. 

Flow is the state when humans are the most focused in their task. It is the moment when an athlete or an artist is performing at his best. It's the ultimate state of performance and self-expression. 

Free flow is the highest state of artistic performance of a human being which is worth practicing even just for the sake of fun of it.

Everything has two sides and while free movement flow is the artistic form of flow, there is also the more practical side of movement flow which is called a "flow routine".

The purpose of flow routines is to develop the body in a very versatile and comprehensive way. You are using full body movements to develop different attributes and areas of the body.

For example, Movement 20XX online course has 11 different flow routines which are designed for different purposes. 

There are flow routine such as:

  • Fat burner flow routine for fat loss
  • Balancing act flow for stability and balance
  • Animal movement flow routines for full body strength and mobility
  • Martial arts style flows for dynamic flexibility and kicks
  • Dance style flow routines for coordination and agility
  • Flow routine for spinal mobility 

These flow routines are serious work for the body and should not be taken lightly. In fact, many of them will be the hardest conditioning work you have ever done!

The good thing is that not all of them are strenuous and many of them will focus more on coordination than actual strength. There are enough flow routines for everyone, all difficulty levels and for all tastes and purposes. 

The greatest way is to learn how to perform (express yourself) in the present but to also use the best methods to prepare the body for future tasks.

Train hard, stay safe.