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Becoming the Animal

Animal movement compilation with tons of different monkey movement variations and other animal movements.


lmost any movement can be tweaked in many different ways to your taste. The simple form of monkey movement can twisted into 100 different looking movements.

Although there exists the "basic form" of certain movements, there is really no "right way" to move. Every way is the right way especially if it's your way.

We cover all the monkey movements in the Movement 20XX course, but once the basics are covered, you can start moving the way you want to move. Movement is ultimately about self-expression, not about imitation.​

However, all learning starts by imitation. Beginners need to follow the set structures and training regimes in order to build the necessary foundations of strength & mobility, self-knowledge and expertise.

Once the basics are mastered, every rule can be forgotten and you can create your own rules.

Many people make the mistake thinking that being good at movement is mostly about being strong and capable and being able to move in difficult positions. Being good at movement is moving freely the way you are capable of moving.​

Freedom is expressing yourself fully in your own set of limitations (and we all have them by default).

Jackie Chan is a master of movement​ although you won't see a lot sophisticated and novel movements from him. Freedom is about how you move, not about the particular movements.

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Movement is a journey of self-expression, finding out who you really are and having fun with your own body. If you get good at it, other people may enjoy it as well.

Train hard, stay safe.​