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Exercising the Animal Spirit

Playing around with 4 basic movements and tweaking them into different variations.


here are no limits to how far you can take movement training. Even basic movements can be tweaked into hundreds of different variations.

One of the movements in the video is the lizard crawl. We already have 3 different lizard crawl mastery videos where the basic crawl is taken to a whole new level:​

With just small changes to angles and center of mass or by emphasizing different body parts, basic movements can be transformed into something completely different.

The great thing however is that you aren't limited to just "basic movements". In Movement 20XX there are 40+ different movements alone and more can be learned from different movement arts. A lot can also be innovated on your own.

Ultimately you want to use movements you like the most and shape these movements into who you are. The goal is not to do movement, the goal is to do you.

It's actually ok to do the lizard crawl in your own way, because there is no such thing as the right way.

Some people might enjoy doing just a couple of different variations and play a lot with them, whereas some want to learn as many different movements as possible. Both are perfectly fine.

But where to start and how?

In this article we talked about what it takes to be good at movement. 

You begin by learning the basics, building sufficient levels of strength and mobility and then you can start trying to create your own flow. 

Movement 20XX was designed to cover all aspects of fitness so you can actually become strong, mobile and athletic, which are all parts of moving well.​

To begin practicing movement you don't need to be strong or mobile beforehand! Everyone starts from somewhere and every great person started by taking a small step first.

Train hard, stay safe.