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Free Mobility Routine | Let’s Kick Ass in 2018

Free full body mobility routine to help you kick ass in 2018! The routine has 6 exercises and it's suitable for all difficulty levels!


ere is a solid mobility routine to build mobility in the shoulders, spine (especially lower back) and hips. 

The benefits of this mobility routine include: 

  • Build mobility in the hips, back and shoulders
  • Increase the range of motion of your joints
  • Excellent for the mobility of your spine
  • Great for longevity, performance and health

The routine consists of 6 exercises and you will target most areas of the body. The routine is good for beginners and scalable for advanced trainees. 

Many of the mobility exercises are especially good for your lower back and posterior chain in general. If you have back pain or just want to increase your lower back mobility, then this routine is great for that purpose.

Although this routine is quite comprehensive and effective, it still doesn't address all areas and functions of the body (it would take a lot more exercises and a bigger system like Movement 20XX to do that). 

If you already have Movement 20XX online course, the routine can still be fun to do because all mobility exercises are different to what you see in the course. 

full body mobility routine free download

Full Body Mobility Routine
Free download.

But why does mobility matter? Why should you do mobility training?

Mobility training will ensure your longevity, help you to avoid injuries and increase your performance. The benefits of mobility training are:

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    Better structural balance bulletproofs your body from injuries
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    Increased strength and movement quality (grace in movement)
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    Increased range of motion in the joints will lead to better and healthier performance

We don't really "recommend" mobility training anymore. You have to do it if you want to reach your highest potential.

Injuries are thought to be "part of the game" which is bollocks. In many sports the athletes are injured all the time and many of their injuries happen in the gym. 

Injuries should be avoided at all costs (obviously) and many of the injuries can be avoided with proper and consistent mobility training. 

For this reason, whether you are a recreational mover or an athlete, mobility training should not be neglected.

Now that it is the new year, it is the perfect time to step up your game and not only start training more seriously but to also incorporate more mobility training to your training regimen.

Countless of people have improved their body composition, fixed injuries and got in great shape - you can too. It's only a matter of execution and following the plan.

If your plan in 2018 is to get more fit, our plan is to provide the best tools, motivation, exercises and methods to make that happen.

Let's do this!

  • Jake B says:

    Thank you, this routine is fantastic!

  • Mario says:

    Great routine, Eero!
    I’ll try it for a month every morning.

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