Free Movement Flow #M-20XX

Free Movement Flow #M-20XX

Free movement flow with the movement elements of Movement 20XX. Including ground flow, low flow and high flow.


he highest form of movement is to just move intuitively and create your own flow with the movement skills you've mastered beforehand.

Sometimes you can even create new movements during the flow. The body and mind can be very creative on their own if sufficient levels of strength and mobility have been built.

In this video there are free movement flow compiled of many of the movements that are included in our Movement 20XX course.

In our practice, we have divided numerous of different movements into 3 categories: 

  • Ground flow = movements you do on the ground.
  • Low flow = movements you do low.
  • High flow = movements you do standing up or in air.

M-20XX has HD video tutorials for over 40 movement elements in these categories: the movements really range from dance to martial arts to animal movements. 

The practice of movement starts with proper strengthening and mobility - if you aren't strong enough, learning different movements won't ​come easy. This is the reason why M-20XX has many serious strength & mobility progressions and workouts included.

The practice starts with the easy movements and gets more complex with the individual development. The sky's really the limit how far people can go.

After numerous of movements are mastered, the learned skills can be integrated into a real flow. We included many sample flow routines to Movement 20XX to make it easy to string different movements together.

What we want is you to be universally strong and capable. Movement is not about dance or martial arts or just being strong.

It's about everything who you want to be without restrictions. It's about being limitless.

This is the reason why we've compiled many different movements from a wide variety of different arts into a complete system. We've also innovated a helluva lot on our own.

Thank you and take care,