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How to front squat and why you should front squat. Also featuring many front squat variations!


ll squats aren't all the same, which is why versatility in your leg workouts is incredibly important. Just sticking with one squat variation can lead to bad imbalances.

Front squat is an excellent squat variation to hit the legs: you will target the hamstrings, glutes and quads. Your core also needs to work extremely hard to keep the upright posture.

When comparing to the back squat or many other squat variations where you are leaning forward and sitting back, the front squat is a very different kind of beast.

In the front squat the purpose is to stand upright and sit down - not back. This will hit the legs very differently compared to the back squats.

There is only one problem with front squats: they are hard and they will feel very uncomfortable at first.

What you need to do is to just get used to the position. Your forearms will get tired in the beginning, but like every other body part, they will get stronger with practice.

One of the best drills to develop front squat mobility is the front plate squat. We featured the front plate squat variation in more detail in our squat mobility video.

front plate squat

The front plate squat will give you counterbalance which​ will then allow you to easily stay in the upright posture.

The upright posture will allow you to develop the up-down front squat mobility without effort. Once you get better at front plate squats, move onto the actual front squat.

Front Squat Variations


narrow front squat

Narrow stance will target more the quads and hip flexors. Your transverse adductors also need to work hard to keep the legs close to each other.


normal front squat

Normal width front squat will hit the quads, hamstrings and the glutes very effectively. Your adductors (groin muscles) are also worked to a great degree.


wide normal squat

Wide stance front squats will primarily hit the adductors, but your glutes are also worked more than in other front squat variations.

Working on wide front squats will also improve your flexibility in the groin area.