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How to Headstand (and other awesome tricks with it)

How to do a headstand! Also featuring many interesting tricks you can do with the headstand.


eadstand is one of the tricks almost anyone can learn regardless of age, gender or training status as long as they are relatively fit.

As you can see in the video, you can do lots of cool tricks with the headstand. The standard headstand alone is a noteworthy achievement.

Training the headstand will improve your upside down balance (good for handstands) and strengthen your neck, shoulders and core.​

You can train headstands anywhere: you don't need a padded floor to practice it. Just place a towel or a pillow on the floor and you can practice the headstand comfortably at home.

In case you fall down, tuck your chin and do a forward roll. You can also do a headstand against a wall - when you fall backwards you have a wall behind to support you.

hollowback headstand

Hollowback headstand - one of the hardest moves you can do from a headstand.

This is how you do the headstand:

  • Place your head a bit further away than your arms. Your arms and head should form a nice triangle.
  • Walk your feet as close as your flexibility allows you to. The biggest mistake beginners make is that they try to jump to the headstand from too far away!
  • Make a small jump and try to balance yourself with your arms, core and legs.

Once you learn the headstand, you can start playing around with the legs, and even do inverted leg raises.

It's possible to transition yourself down from a handstand to a headstand and vice versa. You can even do cartwheels in a headstand.

Headstand is really a cool trick that most people learn in a relatively short time. It's a versatile trick and thus great to have in your arsenal.

Train hard, stay safe.