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7 Fiery Lizard Crawls | Movement Training

7 fiery lizard crawl variations to develop strength and movement quality in the upper body and hips.


here doesn't exist a movement that will hit the anterior side of the human body more versatilely than the lizard crawl.

The hardest lizard crawl progressions done right will hit the chest, triceps and shoulders from many different angles, muscle lengths and arm positions which will ensure these muscles develop to their full potential.

Not many can even do the basic form of the lizard crawl and this is only because people lack strength and mobility in their body - mainly in the upper body.

Hip mobility is also a factor and it will be developed nicely with the crawl, but it's almost never the limiting factor.

It's one thing to bench press​ the weight up and down, but it takes a lot more athletic strength to crawl when the weight shifts from one side to another and your arms or body aren't in the optimal position to press.

This is what athleticism is really about: it's movement quality and having strength everywhere (posture, versatility, mobility).

Consider MMA fighters: they need strength in all possible positions because these athletes rarely are in "optimal positions" to produce strength. 

If you are interested in becoming strong everywhere and getting mobile, take a look at our movement training videos/articles. All traditional strength work and mobility drills also work and produce great results when combined with a functional approach to fitness.

Movement 20XX is the blueprint that combines both the movement training and strength training to produce the best outcome in strength, mobility and movement.

M-20XX also has the progressions from beginner to advanced for mastering the lizard crawl.

Train hard, stay safe.​