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Lower Body Flexibility Routine (Intermediates & Advanced)

Lower body flexibility routine with many excellent stretches, best suited for intermediates and advanced.


ere is a great lower body routine to incorporate into your fitness regime. It's best suited for intermediates and advanced who already have built a solid baseline of strength and flexibility.

If you are just getting started, you should begin with the beginner lower body flexibility routine. For the upper body, check this video out.

Stretching in general is a great way to add range of motion to your muscles and thus allow them to perform better.

However, stretching should never be the priority because too much flexibility and too little strength can cause problems in your structure and exercise safety.

Strength & mobility should always come before stretching. Read this to understand what is mobility. Once the muscle is already strong and healthy, it can be stretched to increase its potential (range of motion).

Active flexibility is the best of both worlds, because you are building strength and flexibility at the same time by first stretching the muscle and then building strength in the stretched range of motion. You can find all active flexibility drills for the lower body in the Movement 20XX training course.

Hold the stretches for 20-30 seconds or until you feel a slight release. Do 3-5 sets per stretch.

Cross Leg Glute Stretch

cross glute stretch

Cross leg glute stretch will stretch the glutes. Use the strength of your arms to add intensity to the stretch.

Pigeon Stretch

pigeon stretch

Pigeon stretch will also stretch the glutes, but it will also target the adductors to some degree. You can change the angle of your front leg to slightly change the nature of the stretch,

Pancake Stretch

pancake stretch how to

Pancake stretch will stretch the hamstrings and inner thighs (adductors). In the beginning stay upright with the widest stance you can, then start leaning forward to intensify the stretch.

Pancake Side Stretch

pancake side stretch

Pancake stretch will stretch the hamstrings and adductors, but you should primarily focus on stretching the side of your body. Feel a nice stretch in the hips, obliques and lats.

Front Split

split stretch

Front split will target the hip flexors and hamstrings. In the beginning you can stay very high with the assistance of your arms, but once you get more flexible, try to lower yourself further down.

Sitting Sumo Stretch

sumo stretch

Sitting sumo stretch will stretch the inner thighs (adductors). This stretch is also suitable for beginners because you can easily control the intensity of the stretch.

Sumo Stretch

sumo squat stretch

Take a wide stance and squat down until you feel an intense stretch in the groin (adductors). Use your arms to push your hips open.