Monkey Movement Flow

Monkey Movement Flow

Uncontrolled and uncaged monkey movement flow free of sophistication. 


his is the advanced level application of all the monkey movement drills we have covered in our older article.

In the beginning people should first master the basics and build a nice level of strength and mobility before trying similar movement flow as demonstrated above.

Movement 20XX is the perfect package to start learning movement if interested.

After the basic ape movements like the monkey and gorilla are mastered, ballistic and explosive variations can be attempted with caution.

At some point the body is able to perform movement flow which is uncontrolled, except the control over the movement actually exists - just in a free form. 

This is how animals move - they don't do any overly deliberate movements or focus on flawless execution.

Animals just move.​

monkey exercises ape movement

​When a chimpanzee just walks around, it looks like the most beautiful thing ever although there is nothing complex or sophisticated about it. It's just naturally beautiful. 

That should be the end goal of all training: free natural movement. ​

We have numerous of free content related to natural movement patterns:​

These movements should get you started. Eventually you may reach a point where you can create your own movement flows and move without restrictions.

Train hard, stay safe.