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Movement Workout for Leg Strength & Hip Mobility

Movement workout with 3 flow elements of Movement 20XX. Excellent routine for leg strength and hip mobility!


ou will develop strength & mobility to your entire lower body with these 3 exercises. You don't necessarily need to use weights to make these exercises effective.

These 3 movements are also part of the 40+ flow elements of the Movement 20XX training course. The flow elements are different movements from dance and martial arts to animal movements which can be practiced on their own or integrated into a subsequent flow. 

You can see the turning lunge movement as a part of the fat burning flow, and the duck walk in this movement flow.

The flow elements are in 3 categories: high flow (flow movements you do standing up), low flow (staying low like in the monkey movements) and ground flow (movements where you are lying on the ground). The 3 movements of this workout are high flow & low flow elements.

All flow elements strengthen your body, but in addition to the flow elements, Movement 20XX also has actual strength exercises, mobility drills and active flexibility drills to make sure your body grows as strong and mobile as possible. In this video is a sample strength & mobility workout from M-20XX.

Although these 3 movements are categorized as "flow elements", they can also be used as serious strength & mobility exercises as we have done in this workout. 

Movement Workout Routine

Round 1

Horse walk forth & back: 10 steps per direction

Duck walk: 20 steps

Turning lunge: 12-16 repetitions

Round 2

Sideways horse walk: 7-10 steps per side

Bigfoot walk: 20-30 steps

Turning lunge with a squat jump: 12-15 repetitions

Round 3

Horse walk forth & back: 10 steps per direction

Duck walk & bigfoot walk: 10-16 steps per walk

Turning lunge with a squat jump: 12-15 repetitions

Bodyweight alone is more than enough, but you can also use a barbell or other weights for added difficulty. Let it burn!

No rest between exercises. Keep the rest times between rounds minimal (30 to 60 seconds).

Horse Walk

horse walk movement workout routine

Take the widest stance you can and then start moving forward, backwards or sideways. Keep the hips open and stay as low as you can.

Horse walk is a phenomenal way to open up the hips while heavily training the hip adductors and glutes.

Duck Walk

duck walk for leg mobility

Duck walk:  stay as low as you possibly can and move forward or backwards.

Duck walk will develop strength & mobility in the lower body and it will also mobilize the ankles very well.

Bigfoot walk (high duck walk): go only half way down in a squat and move forward or backwards.

Bigfoot walk will focus more on strengthening the quads, hamstrings and glutes than the duck walk.

Turning Lunge

turning lunge exercise

Turning lunge is a dynamic "flowy" form of the lunge where you are turning your hips to other direction with every repetition.

To make it even harder, you can add a small squat jump / bunny hop in the end similar to the fat burner flow of Movement 20XX.

Turning lunge will effectively train the quads, hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes.​