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MOVEMENT WORKOUT | My Training Schedule Revealed

Movement workout! Also tips and advice on how to structure movement workouts to your training.


ovement fluidity isn't something that is just going to suddenly appear - it is something you need to cultivate and train for.

If you always do just up-and-down movements with no complexity whatsoever, that's what you will get good at. Simple movement patterns a robot could do.

The reason why athletes from MMA fighters to NFL players incorporate movement training to their training schedules is simple: to develop full body coordination, control and agility.

For developing full body coordination and movement integration, there is probably no better alternative than movement training. 

The benefits range from developing strength and mobility everywhere in the body to the qualities we just talked about. You will learn to control the body as a whole and move like the animals move (as one unit).

Benefits of movement training:

  • Build strength and mobility everywhere
  • Develop coordination, body control, spatial awareness, agility
  • Practice movement integration and moving the body as one unit

However, we have talked about earlier that movement training is NOT perfect and alone may not give all the results you are looking for. 

This is because you probably have weak and tight areas in the body that can only be effectively strengthened with targeted mobility training. 

Most people also move in ways where they feel the most comfortable and this is why many areas are left undeveloped (you need to feel uncomfortable to work the weak areas).

Life is not black or white so be sure to utilize all the tools in your disposal. This is why we recommend movement training as a PART of your training schedule - not as the only thing.

Doing 2 movement workouts per week and 2 strength & mobility workouts per week typically works very well. If you feel like you can do more, you can add 1 movement or strength workout to the mix.

This is also how Movement 20XX system is structured, because it just generally works the best. M-20XX, despite it's name, also has strength, mobility and movement training all in one.

We recently did major upgrades to the system (improved weekly workout schedule up to 6 months and a better user interface) so if you already have the program, enjoy the improvements!

Train hard, stay safe.