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Natural Movement Flow #M-20XX

Natural movement flow with many of the elements of Movement 20XX course. How to build confidence to practice movement?


racticing movement has no limits: you can literally practice anywhere. In the new Movement 20XX trailer you can see that you can even train in a very confined space at home.

We've received several questions on how to build confidence to train movement in your gym when there are lots of eyeballs. 

Picking the right gym helps. 

It's common to see lots of different training done in CrossFit gyms and in MMA/boxing gyms - movement would be nothing new because many movement exercises are already done regularly there.

Then when it comes to standard commercial gyms, you just need to do it. Once you do it once, doing it the second time will come easy. 

During the many years of training I've seen lots of bizarre exercises done in a gym. I've even seen women doing lots of weird exercises for their bums - and they don't give a sh$t. You shouldn't either.

You can begin practicing movement at home, outside on grass, in quiet martial arts gyms, CrossFit gyms or normal gyms when they aren't crowded.

Once you get better and more used to the movements, they are easier to do in front of other people.

Do something once and you will immediately build confidence to do it again.

Train hard, stay safe.