Online Coaching

I can help you with anything related to general fitness, strength, bodybuilding, bodyweight training, movement, martial arts conditioning, mobility and flexibility. 

I can also provide very refined nutrition advice and diet plans based on real life results and experience.

Everything will be tailored to your needs and goals based on your health history and training background. We will maximize your potential and create the most effective plan to reach your goals and aspirations.

Here's the transformation I personally went through. Although I may look rather impressive now, this indeed wasn't always the case!

I have coached clients from all over the world in all ages (youngest 17 and oldest over 70!) and all walks of life. I have had clients from Europe, USA, Middle-East, Asia and Australia.


Daniel (53, Spain)

"Eero designed a routine catered to my needs, and after two weeks, my back pain was almost gone. "

Eero has a deep knowledge of how a body moves, and is great at detecting weaknesses that cause problems. I believe in his philosophy regarding slow, clean, controlled exercises with perfect technique, rather than an emphasis on weight-lifting, speed and reps. 

I am extremely grateful for Eero’s help, which has improved my everyday life, now completely back-pain free.

Daniel Canogar, Madrid Spain

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Matthew (30, Australia)

"In slightly less than 3 months I have made incredible progress."

Eero seemingly instantly knows correct solution to fixing any injury or pain point you can ask him about. Bicep tendon – fixed. Pain behind knee – fixed. Glute pain – fixed. Pain between shoulders – fixed. And so on. And they get fixed QUICK.

To anyone considering Eero’s coaching program – do it. You will not regret it. In fact, it may be the best decision of your life. Good luck to you.

Matthew, Australia

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This is How the Coaching Works

Initial assessment 

  • We will learn about your goals to create the best plan for you
  • Learn more about your background, training history, lifestyle, health and current physical condition 

Your training program

  • Adjusted to the environment and equipment you've access to.
  • Completely personalized training program from a scratch to suit your capabilities and goals.
  • Exercises, programming and frequency to fit your body type, history and goals.

100% access to me

  • Contact via my personal Skype or my personal email address.
  • Any help, motivation and accountability to keep you on right track.
  • Form check analysis and frequent updates when needed.

Fill the form below to get started, I will contact you as soon as possible for further details. Price will be based on your needs and personalized coaching. My rates are very competitive with other personal trainers. Serious inquiries only.

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