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Online Coaching

Take advantage of my expertise and let me help you achieve your goals

I can help you with anything related to general fitness, strength, bodybuilding, bodyweight training, movement, martial arts conditioning, mobility and flexibility. I can also provide very refined and high level nutrition advice and diet plans based on real life results and experience.

  • ​Want to build muscle and lose fat? Get those abs?
  • Improve your posture, fix weaknesses and potentially cure shoulder/back/other pain? 
  • ​Want to build athleticism and improve your strength and conditioning in your sport or martial art? 
  • ​​Want to learn different movements, gymnastics, calisthenics skills or learn how to do handstands?
  • ​Need just help with one thing or only need help losing weight? 
  • Want to just get stronger, healthier and more functional? 
  • ​Want to be a complete athlete and learn everything you humanly can? 

Everything will be tailored to your needs and goals based on your health history and training background. We will maximize your potential and create the most effective plan to reach your goals and aspirations.

This is how it works

Initial assessment

  • Learn about your goals so we can create a perfect plan to get there.
  • Learn about your lifestyle for your personalized coaching.
  • Find out about your health & training history, background and physical capabilities.

Your training program

  • Adjusted to the environment and equipment you've access to.
  • Completely personalized training program from a scratch to suit your capabilities and goals.
  • Exercises, programming and frequency to fit your body type, history and goals.

Personalized nutrition plan

  • Creating the perfect nutrition plan based on foods you've access to.
  • Adjusted to your body type and goals so we can maximize the results.
  • Tips and recommendations in supplementation.

100% access to me

  • Contact via my personal Skype or my personal email address.
  • Any help, motivation and accountability to keep you on right track.
  • Form check analysis and frequent updates when needed.

Fill the form below to get started, I will contact you as soon as possible for further details. Price will be based on your needs and personalized coaching. My rates are very competitive with other personal trainers.

Serious inquiries only. The expected price range can vary from $100 USD up to $300+ depending on the duration, quality and nature of the coaching (it's all case specific).