Raw Movement Flow #M-20XX - VAHVA Fitness

Raw Movement Flow #M-20XX

Raw and uncut movement flow with many movement elements of the Movement 20XX course.


mprovised movement flow is the highest level of movement practice people can deploy. Here is uncut flow to showcase that it indeed just "flows" on its own.

Here are our previous movement flows:

How freely you can move, depends all on what goes inside your head. Kids move with the utmost freedom and they aren't particularly strong or technical. 

How​ well you can move, depends on how 1. strong, 2. mobile and 3. skilled you are. 

​Many movement skills require pure strength and being strong in just one movement pattern (like a bench press) isn't enough - you need to be strong everywhere.

In order to move well and do it gracefully, you need mobility. Mobility and structural balance will create "softness" in your movements and allow you to move with grace. 

The third one is pure technical skill: you need to become accustomed to different positions and learn the proper execution of the movements. You need to develop spacial awareness and body coordination.

All of this is why strength & mobility workouts are half of the content of Movement 20XX. You need strength and mobility to move well even if your only goal is to practice movement. 

Strength and mobility will also directly transfer to martial arts, fight sports (MMA/Boxing), sports (like football) and general fitness.

Once you start to get strong and mobile, learning and polishing the 40+ different movements of Movement 20XX should come easy.

Train hard, stay safe.