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ROCKY IV Inspired Workout Routine

Wild workout based on Rocky IV where Rocky trained in a Northern environment for his fight against Drago!


n Rocky IV, Rocky returned back to the roots of physical fitness to prepare for his upcoming fight against Drago - a boxer who killed Rocky's dear friend Apollo Creed inside the ring. 

While Drago was doing high-tech training using machines and different systems to calculate his performance, Rocky was jogging in snow, chopping wood and training with minimal equipment.

That's exactly what we did. In our Rocky IV workout routine we did:

  • Jogging in snow. 
  • Dragon flags.
  • Cutting off a piece of log.
  • Presses and rows with the log.
  • Carrying and doing lunges with the log.

Wood chopping or using axe for any purpose will build nice explosiveness in the entire body. Boxers and many fighters have utilized a sledgehammer for the same purpose for decades.​

One of the great things of using a heavy log is that it's very hard to grip. No wonder the old school lumberjacks ​had massive forearms.

Snow makes sure even the basic walking or jogging becomes extra difficult.​ The cold weather toughens up the skin when you do dragon flags without a shirt.

​It doesn't get any more primal than this.