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Shoulder Warm Up & Mobilization Routine

Extensive shoulder warm up and mobilization routine to get your upper body warm and mobile to workout. 


his routine will target all the muscles from shoulders to traps to back to smaller muscles like the rotator cuff.

The key point here is to work the body as a whole in synergy. This is why these exercises are not isolations and not specific mobility drills. Rather, you are working many muscles at the same time.

For example, one of the exercises looks like the standard rotator cuff drill, but you are also raising the shoulders along with the external rotation, which turns the drill into a different beast.

Working on full chain mobility drills like these ones will ensure your structure stays healthy and functional, and that you can perform to your highest level in the upcoming workout.

Other good mobility drills for the upper body include:

The point of mobility work is just to keep your structural balance in check and ensure all the muscles are healthy and strong. Mobile muscle merely means that the muscle is strong, healthy and works like it's supposed to work.

When all the muscles in the body are mobile, compound exercises like the pull ups and bench press will strengthen all the activated muscles to their full potential.

When the body is out of balance, the form is never what it is supposed to be which leads to even more imbalances in the body. This eventually leads to injuries.

Good structural balance and healthy levels of mobility will maximize the long term success since your body will get stronger as a whole and there will be no weak links to slow you down.

Train hard, stay safe.