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Spirited Movement Flow

Spirited movement flow with slow, fast and intense movement. Flow is all about courage and self-expression.


sing your body as a whole is the secret of movement training and why it's so effective for loosening up the body and developing physical attributes.

Sports, movement and martial arts rely largely on learning how to coordinate your body as a whole. The more you practice moving your entire body, the more agile and coordinated you can become. 

Conventional exercising like doing deadlifts and squats are one dimensional - you are moving the body just up and down while stabilizing and tensing up the core.

There is nothing wrong with this, but you won't become superbly mobile, limber or athletic with this type of training alone.

The best results are created when you combine big movements (compound exercises, sports, martial arts or movement) with very precise mobility training (like strengthening the rotator cuff). 

Movement alone can also work phenomenally well, but lots of people have tendencies to stick to movements and positions where they are the strongest at (this is a natural inclination), which can leave lots of areas of the body undeveloped or weak.

When you do both movement training and mobility training, you ensure that your body grows strong, limber and athletic but you will also make sure there are no weak links in your structure limiting or hindering your progress.​

This is exactly how Movement 20XX is structured: half of the program consists of movement skills and flow routines, while the other half is all about specific strengthening exercises and mobility drills.​

You need both big untrackable movements and easily trackable strength exercises to​ develop the complete body for complete performance.

Movement training is functional in a way that you will develop many physical attributes such as strength, mobility, body control, agility, spacial awareness and coordination. It's also artistic in a way that it can be a great way to express yourself.

Once your body is relatively strong, mobile and you have learned a move or two, moving your body in flow routines or in your own "flow" will come at ease.

Flow is the highest form of physical expression - it's the same as athletes being "in the zone".

Flow may not come naturally to you but it will improve overtime with enough deliberate practice.

Flow is courage and freedom of self-expression. It's just moving the body and not caring whether you do something "right" or how "silly" you may look (never really).

Flow is just moving and having fun, being free of thought and unnecessary stress.

Train hard, stay safe.​