Meet the Team

Our incredible journey across the world to develop our methods.

VAHVA Fitness is a Finnish born fitness company dedicated to transforming people's lives with a perfect mix of Eastern and Western methods. 

Our movement, athletic and core training videos are some of the most popular in the world with millions of views per video.

Yet, we are the proudest of the thousands of lives we have improved, physiques we have upgraded and the change we have been able to make in people's lives. 

VAHVA - /vahˈva/


A Finnish word for Strong, Able-bodied and Powerful. Both physically and mentally.

The Humble Beginnings in Finland

meet the team

Samuli and Eero. Finland, 2015.

meet the team

Samuli and Eero. Finland, 2015.

VAHVA Fitness was born in 2015 in a cold and dark country called Finland (located in Northern Europe).

Finland has been globally known as the country of honesty, considerateness, meticulousness, Finnish persistence ("Sisu") and the highest quality.

When it comes to strength and conditioning, Finland has been renowned for advancing the field since the early 1900s and we are glad to continue to this tradition.

The founders of VAHVA Fitness, Samuli T. Jyrkinen (left) and Eero Westerberg (right) originally met while doing their university studies and instantly connected thanks to their interests in strength training, martial arts and Bruce Lee.

At the time of launching the company, both founders had over 5 years of experience in training in different fields. Now was the time to help others.

We are still passionate about our personal goals but at this point we are only going to make incremental improvements in our health & fitness. We get more motivated by helping others to reach astonishing results.

Our Background and Transformations

Both of us worked hard for the results we have acquired and what makes us special is that neither of us was an athlete or a fitness enthusiast growing up - we got interested in fitness in our early 20s and have not stopped since.

This is the reason why we understand the needs of the regular person and what it takes to get fit and stay fit.

eero westerberg transformation

​Eero's transformation from 2013 to 2015. Eero is the head coach of VAHVA Fitness. 

samuli jyrkinen transformation

Samuli's transformation from a teenager to 2012. Samuli is the ninja behind the scenes.

Before starting the company we had plenty of background in different martial arts such as Taekwondo, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, Muay Thai and Capoeira.

Later we incorporated different techniques and principles from arts such as breakdancing and contemporary dance. 

However, the most skilled we had become in bodyweight training, movement training, gymnastics, old school bodybuilding (1850-1950) and general strength and conditioning.

This wide variety of different education allowed us to understand the human movement and the human body on a much deeper level than most trainers would ever be able to understand.

The Major Shift: Traveling the World (Slavic countries and Asia)

After one year of challenges, VAHVA Fitness was already established and successful but we realized that in order to make a major shift in our results and insights, we had to get new experience and education to take everything to the next level.

In the Summer of 2016 we decided to move to Croatia and start learning from new sources which weren't available in Finland or on the Internet alone. 

warrior reach pose yoga

Lake Jarun in Zagreb, Croatia 2016.

The Internet makes it seem like it has all the knowledge but in reality the level and depth of knowledge on Internet is very shallow and rudimentary for the most part (we want to change this).

We soon realized that the real expertise was behind closed doors with people who didn't even have a prevalent online presence. 

After Croatia we moved to Asia and lived in Malaysia which is a Muslim country with lots of Chinese people. We also traveled to different countries along the way and spent time in amazing places such as Singapore.

We traveled nearly 1.5 years and acquired amazing insights from many different sources and surroundings.

At this time we truly developed our own methods of training and acquired real depth and knowledge which started to truly separate us from the rest.

We also really understood and mastered the art of performance and athletic training.

Moving to Australia for 1 year

Moving to Melbourne, Australia was another major shift because for the first time we were located in an English speaking country with rich multicultural surroundings.

In Australia alone, we spent thousands of US dollars to learn from many different sources to further our education.

We spent hundreds of hours learning Ballroom Dance, Ballet, Tai Chi, Qigong, Yi Jin Jing, Yoga and Pilates.

Finland is a very masculine country - so is Croatia (a Slavic country). When it comes to performance and athletic training there doesn't exist better places to learn. 

Samuli 2018

Training with the martial arts legend Michael Jai White in Melbourne, Australia 2018. Later, we also got a chance to train with Georges St-Pierre.

Australia was truly an immersion to softer styles of training which we were lacking in our approach.

Over the year, we practiced with some of the best teachers from Australia, Italy, China and USA. 

Only after 10 years of immersion, commitment and borderline obsession we can truly say that we now understand how the human body works on a deeper level. 

It has been a crazy challenge to travel and run a business at the same time but it has been worth it because now we are able to serve more people with better training than anyone in the world.

Our Epiphanies and Mistakes 

In the beginning we learned all the basic stuff. 

We became experts in how to get strong. How to build muscle. How to lose fat. How to move and use your body.

However, we soon realized that many methods and styles of training people do are fundamentally flawed or even flat out broken. 

How most people train their bodies is that they get something but they always lose something else - and often what they lose is more valuable than what they acquired.

handstand quality

Finland, 2015.

For example, in the early years of our training we used to train too much and too often because that's what the tough guys of the fitness industry used to preach. 

Everything was about "more and more" - everything was about quantity. We were thinking that forcing it produced better results. 

We got some results, but we also abused our bodies and joints to the degree that it took years to fix. 

What's scary is that this is how almost everyone trains their bodies. It's an epidemic.

Malaysia VAHVA Fitness

Malaysia, 2017.

Everything was about the immediate results (which don't even exist) with very little consideration for the long term consequences.

We eventually realized that you actually get better results when you don't force it. You can actually do it in a way that is good for the health and posture of the body while still reaching your goals.

Thanks to our challenges we became experts in restoring the natural limitless performance of the human body and fixing pains and aches in all joints of the human body. 

There are very few who have been able to replicate the results we have gotten. Fixing chronic pains that seem almost impossible to fix is the thing we are the proudest of.

We take everything into account: the big picture how everything is connected to everything and how short term actions can have long term consequences. 

No one is talking about this because no one truly understands this. It's a flaw in the Western way of thinking. It took years of studying Eastern practices to fully understand it ourselves.

Today, we have been able to mix the wisdom of both Western and Eastern practices into one in a way that heals the body while also allowing you to reach your fullest potential in anything you choose to accomplish.

We have a method of training that is truly unique, that actually works and is proven by real tangible results. 

Now, we are fully dedicated to serving as many people as possible. We embarked on this journey to attain wisdom so we can better serve you.

Before now, you have been forced to choose between performance or a healthy body. 

 What if you could master both?

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