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SUPER DEEP Push Ups & Dips

Super deep push ups - a real test for your shoulder mobility. Hard SMART work can produce amazing results.


hese are for advanced only! It won't be safe to practice or try these before you've developed a high level of flexibility and strength in your shoulders and arms.

If you want to open up your upper body, build high levels of mobility and develop a great deal of strength, our Movement 20XX course will do just that.

These exercises are more tests of strength than something you would do regularly on a weekly basis. They are hard and should at most be attempted every now and then. 

Why would anyone do these?

  1. They are feats of strength and mobility.
  2. Just because it's possible.
  3. To show off.
  4. To develop insane levels of strength and mobility.

Super Deep Exercises

Deep Push Ups

super deep push ups

Deep push ups will stretch the shoulders and chest muscles. In addition to the requirements in flexibility, you also need strength to push yourself up from the bottom. 

​At the bottom, your biceps work extremely hard because you are basically bicep curling yourself up with the assistance of your chest muscles.

Deep L-sit Dips

super deep push ups

Super deep wide dips in the L-sit position. These are hard and to be able to do these, your rotator cuffs need to be extremely strong as well.

It's very hard to go deep because of the upright posture , which makes the exercise even harder.

Deep Handstand Push Ups

deep handstand push ups

Super deep handstand push ups. Some gymnasts do a similar move on rings and call it the "elevator".

At the bottom it's mostly the lateral shoulders and biceps that will lift you up.​ Then the rest of the shoulders, traps, upper chest and triceps will come into play and help you do the normal handstand push up motion.

Again, these are elite level strength feats but they can act as an inspiration regarding what is possible. Work hard, work smart, and things like this are possible along the way.

Train hard, stay safe.​


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